How to: Make Homemade Beer Ice Cream – The Flavors of Summer Unite!

 When you think about it, the idea of beer ice cream really does make sense. The malt flavors cut through the richness of eggs and cream, and the sweetness of the custard base provides a canvas for theunique flavor profiles of an individual beer to come through. It’s like tasting the beer in a whole different, but complementary, context than when drinking it from a a glass.

Oh, and you can eat beer on a cone. So, that too.

Louise from America’s Test Kitchen provides some insight in selecting your beer. “Just like when you’re choosing a beer for drinking, there isn’t one best choice for ice cream. The only ground rules are it has to be malty, not hoppy (hops get bitter when cooked) and it has to have a decent ABV.” Strong aromatic flavored beers like  oaked Scotch ales, breakfast and oatmeal stouts, or maple bacon ales would really shine here.

So, what’s it take? A single 12 oz bottle of beer, five easy-to-find ingredients, and an ice cream maker. Sounds like a perfect weekend project to me.

Get the recipe from America’s Test Kitchen: How to Make Beer Ice Cream