DIY Idea: Make a Wooden Entryway Organizer for Your Daily Use Items

Postfossil Bike Rack []

Those who live in small places or without a dedicated mud room or home landing pad can attest: it’s hard to keep those things you take in and out of the house everyday organized. Especially if one of them is a bicycle.    

This wooden shelf designed by Postfossil is an inspired solution It features different compartments to place your favorite and heavy use items, such as books and shoes, and more importantly, it has a specially designed shelf to place your beautiful bike.

And it’s easily make-able at home, and you’d only need a few things: wood and a crosscut saw, screws, glue, and maybe some paint? Nothing out of the ordinary for a ManMadeDIY reader. You could customize the design and add extra compartments with hooks to hold your keys, backpack, and helmet.

If you want to avoid the whole hassle of having to make one from scratch, then order one directly from Postfossil.

Shelf for Shoes, Books, and Bike [Via: PPinka]