The Gear: How Reggie Watts Creates His Unique One-Man Music Experience

Anyone familiar with comedian, musician, and performance artist Reggie Watts knows that his act depends on his  absurdist, postmodern sense of humor, amazing musical chops, and a unique microphone and gadget set up that allow him to create full arrangements using just his voice.created at: 05/28/2013

Gizmodo visited with Reggie during a soundcheck last year to learn about how he creates his on-the-fly compositions. The setup is surprisingly simple – just two effects pedals and a looping machine – which just demonstrates that the trick is not in the gear, but in Reggie’s creativity…and the fact that he knows how to use it really, really well. 

The video isn’t embeddedable, so head to Gizmodo to check it out. And if you haven’t seen Reggie’s infamous Ted Talk, which parodies and pays homage to the format in all kinds of awesome ways. 

Watch the video on The Gadgets of Reggie Watts [Gizmodo]