How To: Make an Easy DIY Leather Handle Box

Via: Whimsey Box []

Then this minimal wooden box is a great (and pretty good looking) project for organizing all of those knickknacks on your desk, workbench, or kitchen counter

Made with a wood box that costs around $3 at Target (or any other dollar/hardware store), this project is a personal favorite because A: it’s super affordable and B: It takes a few minutes to make it.

Granted, you could just buy a plastic organizer, but those usually look like they belong in a regular office and not in your awesome studio/workspace. Also, the leather handle and plain wood add a great rustic feeling to it. Quite artsy I must say.

A few ideas to try with this project:

  • Waterproofing the box to make planters – add a few cactus or succulents and it’ll look great.
  • Glue a couple extra pieces of wood inside the box to make compartments for things like pens and pencils.
  • Add stenciled letters to mark the contents of the box. If you’re a cool cat – use your own hand written type!

Seriously, other than waiting for the paint to dry, this project can be done in no time – so here, visit the Whimsey Box blog, gather your materials and get workin’.

DIY Leather Handle Box