Feb 04, 2013

The Man Ring: A Titanium Band with Built-In Tools

While the name is a little...uh, overt, the concept behind "The Man Ring" is pretty much brilliant: a more-or-less traditional metal band witha built-in selection of essential tools. The aerospace-grade titanium ring has a slightly squared corners, which house brass rivets and a hinge to support a bottle opener, a straight knife blade, a serrated knife, a saw for cutting plastic and wood, and a tiny comb, perfect for grooming your beard. 

Each ring is built by hand by Georgia-based artistan Bruce Boone, and can be customized to your finger size. At $385, it's an investment, but this a is "a finely engineered and crafted piece of functional art" that could easily work as a wedding band. I'm just hoping it's comfortable to wear.

The Man Ring: Titanium Utility Ring - BooneRings on Etsy 





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Shuli on Feb 16, 2013:

Great idea!!!

Matt @theDIYvillage on Feb 04, 2013:

This might be the coolest ring ever!

CitricSugar on Feb 04, 2013:

"Can be customized to your finger size"...  What if I have little tiny lady fingers?  This is so wicked cool that my inner tomboy wants one, though I imagine with the diminutive size of my fingers, the tools would be smaller as well and only be handy to defend oneself from maurading mice and ladybugs...

Still. Awesome.