How to: Make Barbecue Sweet Potato Chips at Home

created at: 02/01/2013

There are few things in life I have trouble resisting…and barbecue potato chips are on the very top of that list. Bad ones are awful, but great bbq chips have a perfect blend of salty, smoky, sweet, and savory, all bound in a great crunch. I’m a total sucker…   So, I’m pretty stoked to try Martin Gapultos’ recipe for homemade barbecue sweet potato chips. We’re planning set up a deep fry scenario this weekend, and while the oil’s hot, I see no reason not to drop in a recipe of these in as well.

Martin says, 

For my homemade version, I opted to use sweet potatoes because when fried in hot oil, the sweetness in sweet potatoes concentrates and results in a tastier chip than regular russets, in my opinion. As for the barbecue flavor, I wanted to coat the chips in a zesty spice mix, but I also wanted to keep things simple. A sprinkling of salt, cayenne, garlic powder, smoked paprika, and sweet paprika made for a great barbecue combination that didn’t overpower or mask the sweetness of the fried sweet potatoes.

Right? Right.

Barbecue Sweet Potato Chips [Serious Eats]