Colorful Pipes by Stiff Embrace the Tradition of Modern, Minimalist Design

On cold, winter-ish mornings like these, when everything is quiet, I like to put on a button-down sweater, palm my tea mug, stroke my beard (I have one now, for the next ten days or so), and get into the vibe of the great writers of yore. Not that I think blogging is the same as writing, but there’s still plenty of blank page staring. And sometimes, I think, “Man, I should get a pipe.”   Not for smoking, of course. Cause smoking is absolutely terrible for you, and I’m not encouraging, recommending, or sanctioning. (Plus, I’m allergic, so I couldn’t even if it wasn’t bad for you.) But, you know, just to have…to move, chew on, and manipulate just enough to keep me distracted so I can get my work done. And with this new line of Pipes by Swedish designers Stiff, I’m convinced: I’m totally getting one. Just for having.

Stiff says, “Pipe smoking is a guilty pleasure, one that isn’t necessarily good for you but brings a certain quality to life. It should be approached with a Dieter Rams-like ‘less, but better’ attitude, making sure that every drag counts. Produced in Sweden, Stiff has developed the world’s first plastic pipe cast in one piece using polished thermo plastic equipped with a briar wood tobacco chamber.”

Not available yet…but I’m keeping my eyes and ears (and lungs) open ::Stiff::

via It’s Nice That