Nov 30, 2012

3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

If you haven't purchased your holiday gifts for the year yet, you can hang up your shopping list, and just buy these for everyone you know: 3D dinosaur cookie cutters.   Available from SuckUK, who say, 

Cookie cutters in the shape of dinosaur body parts. Cut out cookie dough, bake in the oven, then slot the cookies together to make edible dinosaurs that will stand up your plate. Create the tastiest treats this side of the Jurassic period... then eat them into extinction. Each pack includes cutters for the body parts required to bake a whole dinosaur, with 4 to collect (Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus and T-Rex).

Add some gingerbread cavemen, and go for an all-out tabletop war with the tastiest of carnage. (Red icing viscera not included.)

3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters




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