5 Cool Food-Related Projects to Support on Kickstarter

created at: 05/23/2013

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen several products being funded through the popular crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, and perhaps even bought a few. Here are five of my favorite food and drink related projects that are live this month:
grow your own food, feast on Kobe Beef Jerky, enjoy the bliss of Old Fashioned Ice Cream, and learn new recipes! 

Let's Patch Planters

1. Let’s Patch is a self-watering planter that allows you to grow herbs and any other greens in the comfort of your house. Yep: self-watering! That means you only have to put water in the little container and the planter does the work for you. Easy! 

short stack editions

2. Short Stack Editions is a publication packed with wisdom from the world’s greatest chefs. It’s the perfect mix between a magazine and cooking book! Plus the cover illustrations and bright pages are a beautiful addition to your foodie shelf. The first three editions – eggs, tomatoes, and strawberries – are perfect to start planning all of your summer dinner parties.

Organic Cold Fusion Ice Cream

3. Organic Cold Fusion Ice Cream. This one is for both: foodies and science lovers! The project aims at bringing back the good ol’ fashion way of doing things – with a touch of modern technology. Their ice cream is organic and vegan – which totally adds a few extra awesome points for healthy living – and will be served out of a 50 year old ice cream truck. It’s like traveling in time to your childhood memories!

created at: 05/20/2013

4. The world’s first Kobe Beef Jerky. If you’re a meat lover, you’ll be all over this project. As you know, Japanese Kobe Beef is one of the finest proteins available. Now you can enjoy the same deliciousness in the shape of jerky – a.k.a. snack like a classy champ! If you go to their Kickstarter page you can read some comments from people mentioning how mouth-watering this jerky is – including a comment from a couple saying they were licking each other’s fingers! Wow. That good, huh?

Chefs Feed Restaurant Guidebook

5. Chefs Feed Restaurant Guidebook will be your ultimate food guide with hundreds of recommendations from kitchen pros. This printed guide will definitely take you on a culinary journey for which you must prepare you belly in advance – I mean how could you say no to a foodie adventure across the country?