Seven $300 Suits that Look Like $3000

created at: 08/28/2012Sometimes, a man just needs to look like a million bucks. But, of course, no one can actually afford to spend a million bucks, nor for most of us, a thousand bucks. But, like with all things, some smart shopping can net you a very sharp suit for around $300, while looking like you spent ten times as much.   The June 2012 issue of GQ featured an article entitled, “The Interviewer Suit,” in which they gathered seven successful New York professionals (who could afford $3000 suits) and dressed them in entry-level men’s wear. “You don’t have to spend a whole paycheck on a suit, even if you’ve got the corner office. We took seven real New Yorkers—you know, professionals, with big jobs—and helped them look boss for $300 or so.”

No notes as to whether these were tailored or not, and of course the shirt, tie, and shoes can make all the difference, but if you’re in the market for a new suit, keep these lines in mind.

Wear It Now: The Interviewer Suit