The Process: How Oak Street Bootmakers Create their Handcrafted Leather Boots and Shoes

created at: 05/02/2012

“I think we’re all done with living in a disposable era. Most people are seeking out quality that comes from our country.”

So begins this fascinating and, (I’ll say it), hopeful look into the process of making sturdy, well-made and hand sewn shoes and boots from Oak Street Bootmakers, which are designed in Chicago and handcrafted in Maine.   “There’s a comfort of a hand sewn shoe that just can’t be replicated,” says founder George Vlagos. The shoes have leather that wrap around all the way over the sole, allowing the fit to conform to your actual feet.

Menswear site A Continuous Lean shares this video about the country, taking a look inside the handcrafting and sewing process. Encouraging for any Manmaker.