6-Pack Bike Frame Clasp: Yay or Nay?

6-Pack Bike Frame Clasp

Okay – fess up: What do you think about this 6-Pack Bike Frame Clasp? Would you rather walk when carrying your babies..er..beer? Should drinking and cycling ever mix? Or, is it (as we suspect), kinda the coolest thing we’ve seen this month?   

The 6-Pack Bike Frame Clasp is one fancy gadget that will allow you to transport your beer from point A to point B. We’ve already seen a bike wine rack which seems to work pretty well, but I am curious about this one for the following reasons: aren’t the beers too wide to be placed in the middle of your bike? Wouldn’t they interfere with you stroke? Or, especially if they were cold and condensating, would they come out or break through the bottom of the case?

Then again, if you have bike routes in your city that are well kept, then this would probably work for you as you don’t have to go through any bumpy roads. It could also work if you just walk your bike for a short distance, say from the store to the beach.

It’s $29 dollars, so it’s totally affordable. Especially if you do transport lots of suds – you know, for professional purposes.

So, would you get it? If not, then how do you transport your beer when biking? Do you do the good ol’ ‘one hand on the handle bar and one hand holding the beer’? Let us know in the comments!