The 7 Worst Tech Gifts to Give This Holiday

created at: 12/07/2011

While there are plenty of cool, affordable tech gifts to give your friends and family this season, there are a few you should avoid. Cause they’re bad. Like, worse than coal.   Gizmodo has a hilarious roundup of items to avoid this year. For example, “This is something you should buy for someone if you hate them. It will be unbelievably slow, buggy, and run a shockingly outdated version of Android that will never be updated. This isn’t even a trojan horse of a gift—it’s a horse covered in pox sores that will ruin the household you introduce it to.”

And this, my favorite: “This never made sense when it was expensive, and still doesn’t make sense now that it’s less expensive. If you want a framed photo on your wall print one out. Photo prints are amazing! They have infinite battery life, great viewing angles, cost pennies, and won’t make you look like a douchebag with a digital picture frame in your house. “

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