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Dec 18, 2012

Video: A Delightful History of the Animated GIF, in 2 Minutes

The Atlantic blog offers this tribute to the animated GIF - the once maligned but now embraced moving "still" photo. Last week, there was an entire festival dedicated to the GIF as "high art." 

This two-minute video was produced in conjunction with the festival. It "chronicles the graphic interchange format’s journey from the late 1980s through the dot com bubble up to today’s multi-platform media world -- in claymation. Not only did the GIF pave the way for future digital art memes, but even the savviest of media creators cannot decide whether to pronounce it with a hard or soft ‘g’."

The answer? "Inventor Steve Whilhite… read more


Dec 17, 2012

Free Music: ManMade's 2012 Rock and Roll Holiday Mixtape

created at: 12/17/2012

Happy Holidays, ManMakers! Each year, I make this confession: I'm a total obsessive geek about collecting "modern rock" holiday songs: seasonal tunes by alternative, indie, and otherwise not-Bing Crosby or Nat King Cole artists. This year, my collection broke 500, making for thirty-two hours of non-cheesy holiday goodness.

No, they're not all completely amazing, but most are solid, and they serve as the soundtrack to my season, and, coupled with a candy cane, the most immediate way to inject the holiday spirit into my home and...uh, self. So, each year, I pick a few of my favorite tunes to share with ye merry gentlemen and women.

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Dec 17, 2012

Video: Wakeboarding Through a Cranberry Bog

Along with egg nog and fruitcake, cranberries are amoung the most divisive holiday foodstuffs. Those who like 'em like 'em, and those who don't will likely not change their mind.

But nobody not nobody won't dig on this mesmerizing video of professional wakeboarders Ben Horan and Brian Grubb being pulled through the flooded bogs of Wisconsin, filmed in all its high-speed, colorful wavemaking, undulating goodness.   

A crew from RedBull visited "[traveled] to Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin, for one of the most aesthetically pleasing wakeskating sessions you will ever see. Watch what happens when some of the world's best… read more


Dec 14, 2012

How to: Make Booze-Infused Moonshine Marshmallows

As far as hot chocolate fans go, I'm among the biggest. Especially during December. I like it all kinds of ways - thick Mexican drinking chocolates with a churro, the powdered milk-cocoa mix from the stand at the holiday light show at the zoo, and the fancy versions from my local coffee shop. And marshmallows? I'm for 'em.   

Especially if they're homemade. Like lots of food crafts, the difference between a who-knows-how-old factory made 'shmallow and the pillowy complexity of a homemade version are simply incomparable. And while I like storebought marshmallows just fine, I love a homemade one. Especially when it's infused… read more


Dec 13, 2012

"Phrenology of a Gentleman" and Other Vintage-Inspired Manly Posters and T-Shirts by Maiden Voyage

A ManMade Twitter follower just sent me a link to this great Etsy shop, Maiden Voyage, who sell tongue-in-cheek graphic illustrations inspired by humorously outdated notions of manly things.

The team describes their brand,

The term "maiden voyage" conjures up images of massive floating zeppelins, prop driven planes and towering ships embarking on their initial journeys. With these vessels came adventurers and their desires to discover the unknown. Their expeditions were retold in countless enchanting tales. More often than not, recounts of these stories became embellished, adding to their mystery and intrigue.
It is this… read more


Dec 13, 2012

How to: Make Your Own LEGO Christmas Ornaments

LEGO artist and mastermind Chris McVeigh offers twelve original tutorials for making your own holiday ornaments from your favorite bricks. Perfect if you want to make some for yourself, or to give as a gift to your geekiest of friends. There are pop culture-friendly designs like the Death Star and Millenium Falcon, as well as seasonal trees, gingerbread houses, and a variety of bulb ornaments.

Chris says, "I love the challenge of building something fresh and unique with Lego. And when I come up with something I’m proud of, I’m happy to share the model files with fellow builders." 

created at: 12/13/2012


And then, there's my favorite,… read more


Dec 13, 2012

This Holiday Season, Me and Guinness are Gonna be Generous

To celebrate the holidays, Guinness is asking its fans to be generous this season. Alongside their special edition Generous Ale, the brewery is inviting everyone to "help make this season the most generous yet by giving the most valuable gift of all - your time." 

Guinness invited me to participate, in addition to  up to a hundred other bloggers and influencers to say thanks, donated $100 to charity for each of us. Seemed like a no brainer to me, so I wanted to pledge something out of my own strengths:

created at: 12/13/2012

Here's what Guinness has to say:

  • Alongside the release of its new holiday beer, Generous Ale, Guinness has… read more

Dec 13, 2012

How to: Make an Easy DIY Wool iPhone Sleeve

Sleek acrylic cases can match the thoughtful industrial design of your smartphone, but sometimes you need something a little more organic to warm all the metal and glass up. Something easy to work with, but that'll protect your device, keep it scratch-free, and look sharp wherever you wool.   

Marisa of Omiyage came up with this great project using inexpensive craft wool felt and a bit of thread. She uses a sewing machine, but if you don't have one, there's absolutely no reason this project couldn't be accomplished with a bit of needle and thread.  She says, "Simple to make, no fancy or expensive materials needed.  So… read more


Dec 12, 2012

6 Men's Style Essentials for Winter

created at: 12/12/2012

Cold weather is the best time to dress like a man. It's the season for bringing out the heavier, masculine fabrics and materials, layering up, and, generally, just look like a guy.   Our friends at Valet curated this great "Winter Wardrobe Checklist" where they offer six basic pieces that you can mix, match, and interchange for a serious style during these shorter days and cold winter's nights.   

They say, "As we head into the dead of winter, getting dressed can propose a series of challenges in order to look sharp and stay warm. Here are the six must-haves every guys should have in his closet to make it through the frigid days ahead in style."

Good stuff. Check it out at Valet: The Winter Wardrobe Checklist


[Photo by Mike Poresky. Licensed under Creative Commons.]




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Dec 12, 2012

How to: Handmade Crochet Hooks Carved from Wooden Sticks

I try to be well versed in the classic craft media, but I've never really taken to yarn work such as knitting or crocheting. It's too much counting and dexterity for me to ever get the hang of, and I've abandoned nearly as many projects as I've started. 

But this incredible handmade wooden crochet sticks have got me thinking it's time I mastered the fiber arts.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the original source for these amazing pieces and photos (they came from here and were credited to a dead link) but a little looking around led me to this great tutorial from Where I Bead, which shows you how to carve your own from… read more

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