Feb 18, 2010

R.I.P Ikea Fira...and So Long Perfectly Hackable Storage.

The IKEA Fira drawer unit - the awesome little wooden box deal that everyone loves to customize - has been cancelled...like, already. Like there's no longer any mention of it on their website.


Lame. Sure, they were among the most difficult of Ikea products to assemble [read: nearly impossible], but they were crazy useful, and could be made to match nearly any room or function.Look at all these assembled by Core77:0fira006.jpg



See more at Core77, Ikeahacker, and the Ikea Drawers Love Flickr group.


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bring back fira on Sep 08, 2012:

Please click "like" if you want Ikea to bring back Fira:


Anonymous on May 06, 2012:

In your third picture with a glimpse of plastic drawers above, what is the name of those plastic drawers and are they from ikea?

FIRALOVER on Aug 02, 2011:

please join my bring back fira facebook page!

Anonymous on Jan 16, 2011:

gutted. got one set (painted black) - NEED another couple. really really gutted.

Anonymous on Jun 09, 2010:

son of a b****! i was just about to go buy them finally and now they're cancelled.


Clownfish on Feb 28, 2010:

OK, that one with the maps all over it is perfect!

Anonymous on Feb 19, 2010:

Hmm, have you verified that they don't exist in the actual stores any more? The Ikea website has been hurting lately... both the Malm and Hopen beds appeared to be missing last month, but both have resurfaced. It could be an IT issue (fingers crossed).