Tipsy at the Oscars: Cocktails for Academy Award Nominees

created at: 02/24/2011

This Sunday brings us the *hmphrl Academy Awards (it’s eighty-something, right?), and again, they’ll be a bunch of self-congratulation, and the best movie won’t actually win Best Picture.

Which is tedious enough to make you want to drink…a film-inspired cocktail, that is.   Frank Bruni’s inimitable Tipsy Diaries asked four NYC bartenders to create unique drinks in light of this year’s best actor and supporting actor nominees.

“Individually and in aggregate, all four drinks speak to how cleverly allusive cocktails can be and illustrate the kind of thought processes that go into their making. Even if none of them suits your fancy — the recipes are all on The Times’s Web site, where there’s also a video providing glimpses of their assembly — one or more may well give you ideas of your own or lead you back to a classic that seems just right for that unfailingly electric moment when the best song victor is revealed.”

Seriously. Watch the video. It’ll be better than the Oscars.

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