Feb 22, 2010

Sriracha Embroidery

Nothing says brand loyalty like some full scale embroidered logo art.

created at: 02/21/2010

Sriracha, or "Rooster sauce" (as the servers in my favorite local Vietnamense joint love to call it) is a hot condiment made from ripe, red chiles, garlic, sugar, salt, and vinegar, and has achieved a  cult-like status in the U.S., and in Christ(ine)'s house, who "[eats] it on pretty much everything."

Has anyone seen other embroidered takes on commercial labels or recognizable images? Post some links or images in the comments.



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C$ on Sep 20, 2012:

I'm completely in love with this. I'm trying to be a bottle of Sriracha for Halloween, so if you're not completely opposed to sending me an eps (or any vector) file of the logo, I would be the happiest person ever! Please, spare me the torture of hours in illustrator :D