A Single Guy Organizes His Closet

created at: 02/07/2011

Closets: A Logical Fallacy

Premise 1) Closets have doors that close

Premise 2) Normal human beings can not see through closed doors

Premise 3) It’s not necessary to keep things clean that normal human beings cannot see

Conclusion :: P1 and P2 = mostly true; P3 = argument

It’s not necessary to keep your closet clean.

Except…it is.  I’m the first to admit that there are lots of things that no one else sees but you that don’t need regular maitenance. For me, it’s the drawer in my bedside table, or my car’s glove compartment (no trash, but I don’t alphabetize my maps and proof of insurance, for example).

But I disagree with the folks whom I know, love, and have even lived in the same as, who maintain that a clothing closet doesn’t need to be organized, for the best reason ever:

If you keep your shirts and pants neatly hung and folded, most don’t have to be ironed.

And that’s reason enough to do anything, says me. 

created at: 02/07/2011

Says organizer Jeffrey Calenda, 

when starting the project our objective was to create a clean closet that would provide ample storage and be easy for the client to maintain. The challenge that we faced was that the client, who is living in a rental, was not interested in changing the closet structure. Even though there are excellent temporary closet solutions on the market, he wanted to maintain what the building had put in place.

Our solution was to utilize several cost effective items that would help us create more usable space. Since the shelving was sized inefficiently for sweaters, jeans, etc, we made use of shelf risers to split the built-ins in half. This makes it easier for the client to remove a sweater or a pair of jeans and not destroy the entire pile. We also used three stacking shoe racks and placed them both below and above his hanging clothes. While it is not common to put shoes above one’s clothes, the height on the top shelf made it the perfect spot for a shoe rack that would house his off-season footwear.

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