Jan 03, 2018

Sick Day

When you work from home and don't have things like paid time off, it's tough to decide when to take a day off if you're not feeling well. There's no one you actually "call in sick" to, and since you're simultaneously both always and never "at work," there really isn't anything from which to stay home. You're not at risk of infecting any office mates, and, for many of us, not working means not getting paid. 

And then there days like today. When you get up, acknowledge you feel truly terrible, but still manage to open the laptop and pretend like you're going to get something done. And then it's horrible and you're so completely ineffective that you finally admit it would just be better to try to rest, heal up, so you can actually accomplish something tomorrow. Because if you don't, you'll just be muddling through at compromised strength for the next week, which is a much bigger loss than just taking a nap in the first place.     

So, I'm sick, ManMakers. I can't keep anything in my stomach, and my eyes don't seem to be able to open more than 25%. So, I'm taking a sick day, remaining hydrated, and hopefully I'll get some rest and see you tomorrow.

Stay well. 



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Abhijit Dey on Jan 10, 2018:

Dear Chris,
Get well soon, we are waiting for you next diy post.
Regards Abhijit.