How To: Make an Earbud Holder from a Credit Card

When it comes to poor headphone storage habits, I'm the guiltiest of guilties. There are currently two strands intertwined in the bottom of my bag, one all tangled up with my phone in my pocket, and at least three pairs snagged on various USB cables, adapters and plugs, and power supplies in the bottom drawer of my desk back at home.

With this clever and easy DIY storage solution, I have no more excuses.    Our friends at Unplggd have created this easy how-to project, built around the fact that you, no doubt, get enough junk mail in a week to create at least five of these credit/membership cards in one go.

“This solution is great because it neatly coils everything up to fit right you your pocket or bag. With its compact and affordable design, this seems like a great alternative to $15+ cases.”

How to Turn Old Credit Cards into Earbud Holders [Unplggd]