Nov 30, 2016

15 Gifts Under $50 for Women


Not every guy is in a relationship with a woman, but between sweethearts, siblings, parents, and friends and family, almost all of us will be buying something for the women in our lives this holiday. They're special, in a million different ways; here's a solid set of gift ideas that will let them know you care.       



Exceptional gifts will leave an impression, but be sure to make it special with a thoughtful note to really make it stand out. I always like to use parchment paper and Seal with a little wax ($20) for a truly unique gift.



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Jesus F. Christ on Dec 10, 2016:

That $40 triangle is SICK! It holds books too?! My girl will be stoked. Super solid gift.

Ian Spiridigliozzi on Dec 01, 2016:

I'm disappointed you chose "FOR YOUR GIRL" v "FOR MEN"

It's a Freudian slip and smacks of patriarchy.