Why You Feel Busy All the Time… Even Though You Actually Aren’t

created at: 09/15/2016

There are countless scientific and cultural studies, book summaries, and thinkpieces that come out each week, with attractive headlines about being more happy, or losing weight, or the benefits of travel or achieving crazy productivity. Most of them are sorta interesting, but ultimately disappointing, and very fun are pertinent to the discussions here on ManMade.

But, this one kinda got to me, and I thought it was worth sharing. And the reason is:   I’ve been feeling this way more often. Overwhelmed, short of time, like the next several hours, weeks, or months of my life are already booked. Partially, it’s true. But the experience is off. Out of proportion. “That busy feeling…” that stops you from actually getting things done.

This piece comes out of new series for BBC Radio 4, and I think it’s worth a read, top to bottom. I don’t want to give away the thesis, cause it’s not mine, but I’m convinced there’s some real info here, and it helps give me clarity towards a solution. I’d love to talk about it more in the comments if anyone’s interested. 

Why You Feel Busy All the Time (when you’re actually not) [BBC.com]