A Breath of Cold Air – Videos From The Ice

Ice DivingIt’s getting a bit colder here lately, but no matter how frigid it is there’s always somewhere with a lot more ice. Here are a few videos to take in while digging out the long sleeves. 1. The Last Ice Merchant – This video starts out talking about the source of the ice, at one of the closest points on earth the sun. From there, we follow a lone ice merchant and his mules up to the source and back down with hand cut blocks of natural ice. tag along and see what it looks like to be the last ice merchant.

2. Johanna Under The Ice – We all have our hobbies, our adventures. But Johanna has a passion – Ice diving. Cutting through over two feet of ice, she dives below the surface and proceeds to mermaid her way around. It’s really worth a look.

3. The Ice Man – Shaping a block of ice into something beautiful takes a lot of skill, and a little chainsaw. Take a look at the interactive piece this artist makes.