Jul 12, 2016

10 Survivalist Movies Every Guy Should See

Man against Nature is considered one of the oldest three stories in human history, and there's a good reason why it's stayed around so long. As story fodder it's perfect since we get to see characters pushed to the fringe of their wits and capabilities as they fight to survive. This story carries over to some truly great movies, and here are the Top 10 from Cool Material.   I'm a big fan of many of the movies on this list, and once you make it through them I suggest you check out our 7 Winter-Themed Movies Every Man Should See (over half of which are quality survival films). 

Check out the list at Cool Material: 10 Survivalist Movies Every Guy Should See


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Anonymous on Aug 09, 2016:

Actually they missed out one of the best ones, which is <<Into the Wild>> half survivalist, half traveler and overall a genius movie with music by Eddie Vedder!

A must see for everyone on this blog!!