Five YouTube Channels Every Cyclist Needs to Watch Right Now

Five YouTube Channels for Cyclists

Ok, actually what you need to be doing right now is riding a bike (I hope). But if for some reason that’s not happening/possible, then these YouTube channels are your next best bet:

Global Cycling Network – A one-stop shop for cycling fans. Includes trainer workouts, cycling ettiquette, basic maintenance, and explorations of bike culture.

Bicycling Magazine – Simple fixes, as well as gear reviews and industry announcements.


BikeManforU –  A true character who discusses all the aspects of riding, gear, and repairs. Not for the spandex and carbon crowd, not for fans of competitive racing, just a small town bike shop owner with decades of experience he’s willing to share in his own, uh, unique style. 


Danny MacAskill – This one’s a good start, but basically anything he’s in will blow you away. 


MBRMagazine – Solid gear recommendations, fix-it tips, and MTB test videos. Oriented (obviously) for trail riders, not roadies.

Red Bull – I do not like Red Bull, as far as something I’d want to put into my esophagus goes, but I have to give it to them for sponsoring, promoting, and creating some incredible action/extreme sports videos. I wish they’d just drop the beverage part of their business and stick to the extreme sports. Oh well … anyway, their mountain biking playlist is just an awful lot of fun to watch:

What are your favorite YouTube channels for cycling videos? Let me know in the comments.

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