May 11, 2016

Make This: 5 Outdoor Showers You Can Make Today

Shower SignSummer is a time to be outside, to enjoy the sun, and a dip in whatever water you can find. But tracking that outdoor fun back into your house is a no-go, why not build an outdoor shower to keep the dirt where it belongs.  

Rock Wall1. Stone Backed Outdoor Shower - Way more involved than a hose over the tree branch, this shower is built to last and really up your outdoor game.

Metal Screen Shower

2. Metal Screen Outdoor Shower - Built with a few items from the hardware store, this much less private shower is great for a quick outside rinse-off.

Pallet Shower3. Pallet Outdoor Shower - For the true DIYer, here is a recycled pallet project that's as quick as it is dirty.  

Beam Shower4. Urban Beam Outdoor Shower - If you really want to wow the guests, this stacked timber shower is a must.

Outdoor Shower5. Private Outdoor Shower - For maximum privacy out in the open, this closed shower still lets in plenty of light and a breeze but keeps prying eyes at bay.

Do you have an outdoor shower in your backyard oasis? We're curious to know how much you actually use it, is it a daily use during summer months?



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David on May 22, 2016:

Hi @anon, The projects should drain into an area away from the house into an infiltration area with a slotted pipe like you mentioned. It's definitely part of the project to handle the drainage water, If it is attached to the sewer system, a roof to protect against rainwater flows is probably best.


Anonymous on May 17, 2016:

Do you worry about drainage?  Or do run it off to the sewer? Some municipalities don't like these open air shower because when it rains, it overflows the sewage pipe.  I've seen some implementations where they run the waste water out to a ditch using a French drain.  Others don't even worry about drainage but the showers end up with mold underneath that slowly creeps up or problems with the foundation (since these showers are typically right next to a building).