Jan 08, 2016

Attention Woodworkers: This is a Really Good Deal on Adjustable Bar Clamps

created at: 01/04/2016

Most articles on the value of clamps will begin with the old adage, "You can never have too many clamps." This one, apparently, does too. (See what I did there?) Because the truth is: you really can't.   

And there's good reason to buy really nice clamps, with a wide capacity and lots of clamping pressure. But it's also nice to have some lightweight, easy-to-use clamps for medium level work - attaching fences and guides, glue ups, and holding things down on your work surface. Those you can keep at hand to make quick work of keeping things in place.

Right now, Home Depot has a great sale on that latter type of clamps. Like really great. Our suspicion is it's a leftover from the holiday gift impulse section, knocked down even more post giving season, which is a-okay with us. 

created at: 01/04/2016

Currently, you can get six 6" F-style clutch clamps for $15.00. That's $3.20 a piece. Sold individually, these guys normally go for $9.97. Do the math, and that's roughly 70% off.

created at: 01/04/2016

Not surprisingly, the clamps are not Bessey's super high quality, high performance models. They have a load limit of 600 lbs, putting them in the "medium-duty" category. (Bessey's very fine parallel jaw clamps come in at 1100 lb) .They're made in China, as opposed to Bessey's higher-end clamps which are usually assembled in the USA or Europe of foreign-sourced parts. But most clamps are made in China, so that's neither here nor there on this kind of product. And we repeat: they are $3.20 apiece, in stores and online, and that's an incredible deal. That's even less than half the price of the same set on Amazon. 

created at: 01/04/2016

So, unless you have every clamp you'll every need, we suggest you pick up a set. We played with them over the weekend, and never had trouble with the oil residue issue from the one review. They work, and they work well. Go ahead and get two :)


Update for January 8th, 2015: These are still available on HomeDepot.com. It seems their site was down earlier, but you can find them easily here.




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Alex on Jan 08, 2016:

Due to issues with the site I went to the store a block from my office after reading this earlier in the week. I appreciate the heads up and would love to see more shout outs like this in the future on deals for the "essential toolbox" arsenal. 

David on Jan 05, 2016:

@Chris - Ah, "keep it constructive" best pun I've heard all year. Intentional or not, keep it up Sir.

Chris on Jan 05, 2016:

@C'mon, yucky - is that really what you want to put out into the world? Completely random, know-it-all negativity that contributes nothing to the conversation?

A Bessey clamp is a Bessey clamp, no matter where you buy it. If you want to support a local independent woodworking shop, that's commendable, indeed. We do it all the time. But if you want to get more into woodworking on a budget, this is a great place to start.

Keep it constructive. 

yucky on Jan 05, 2016:

Probably because home depot's sight is garbage.  The store itself is barely above the site. -_-

Chris on Jan 04, 2016:

@Anon - I think the Home Depot site must be under maintenance. Its not functioning well at all right now; Im having trouble with both the desktop and mobile site. I say hit up your local store and see what's left. At mine, they were in the large middle aisle between the hardware and the materials section.

Anonymous on Jan 04, 2016:

damn, all gone