A Special Finish: How to Make Faux Corroded Iron

Faux Metal FinishThe finish on a project can make it stand out or just fade off. Here is a great corroded iron finish that can be applied to simple wood to make it look like so much more.   I’ve always enjoyed the last step in a project. It’s the final touch, the wrapping up, the last chance to make it something great. That’s why the finish application is so important. While there are plenty of stains, paints, and techniques to make wood look good, this interesting finish actually mimics corroded iron with some major texture and paint layering.DIY Texture

It still won’t have the weight or durability of metal, but for the most part will pass for metal in both look and touch. corroded Iron

The secret to the texture is in adding some materials to the base paint that creates the massive amount of texture. Want to see the whole process? Take a look over at The Rogue Engineer here.