Oct 19, 2015

Five Diverse Style Guides Every Man Should Check Out This Fall

created at: 10/19/2015

I think I have a fairly well cultivated sense of style, but I love seeing a well put together outfit with all the steps and accessories broken down nicely so that I can steal from it. If nothing else, I think it improves my style sense to see the trends in what makes great outfits. I found that nobody does this for my price range better than Primer Magazine, which recently put together five unique style guides for men this fall.  

Not only are they well crafted for diverse events (a night out in the city, an afternoon date hike, simply being the best dressed in a casual office), you can also click on each article of the ensemble and see where to buy it at the cheapest price. 

created at: 10/19/2015

Check them all out at PrimerMagazine.com under the Fall Getup Week headline. 


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