A Closer Look: New Life From Old Barn Wood

Wood ShavingsI always like to hear from other craftsmen about how they came into wood working, and their approach to the projects as they go. It’s always interesting to read or hear about what compels us to make, to create, to bring life to a pile of raw materials.   Here’s a short video about a company called Adventure Indoors who talk about their business of reclaiming wood and repurposing it into something more. Take a look at how they approach their passion, and what motivates them to create.

The company has since grown and changed it’s name to Second Life Studios, which is perfectly fitting. Still, they maintain their passion for exceptional craftsmanship and the re-birthing of natural products into second lives as completely different but still uniquely similar pieces of beautiful furniture.

Do you have any wood ready for a second life? Take the time to look at what you have before you head off for another new board, that second life may be right there in your backyard.