Aug 11, 2015

New Features in Adobe Elements 13 - Win a Copy Of Your Own!

For the last few months, we've been teaming up with Adobe Photoshop Elements for a series of creative tutorials: a cool block-printed poster, a tin-type effect photography project, a customized 'Ex-Libris' stamp, and a fun, photographic DIY headboard. Today we're giving you another chance to win your own copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements 13. Read on to find out how to enter.

At ManMade, we believe in process, craft, and creativity. Our goal is to help guys bring the art of 'making stuff' into their everyday life. And having the ability to digitally edit and compose photos is a huge part of that. Here are some of the new features in Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 that will help you in your creative projects (digital and otherwise):

Photomerge Compose: Compose easily removes an object from one photo and places it into another, blending light and color into the final composition.

You could use the Photomerge Compose tool to create something similar to our Block Printed Dog Poster DIY Project:

DIY block printing tutorial


Crop Suggestions: Cropping is a huge part of composition! Photoshop Elements analyses your photo and suggests four crop options.

Refine Selection Brush: an improved way to fine-tune selections by nudging out to expand and nudging in to reduce the selection.

We used this tool in our DIY Ex Libris Stamp tutorial to make this:

Custom Ex Libris Stamp Tutorial


Effects Variations: Five new effects variations for each of the ten effect categories offered in Quick mode.

We used the Effects Variations Tool in our Travel Photography Tips post:

Use photo effects for great travel photos


Facebook Cover: Custom Facebook Cover integrates your profile photo with your cover photo to make your page unique.

Guided Edits:  three easy ways to customize a photo - black & white, black & white selection, and black & white color pop. 

Guided Edits helped us make our Fun Photographic Headboard DIY:

Fun, photographic headboard DIY tutorial


We're thrilled to be giving away three copies of Adobe Photoshop Elements! Here how you can enter to win:

Good luck! We hope you win!


This post is sponsored by Adobe Photoshop Elements. 


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Ida on Aug 25, 2015:

I would love to have PSE 13 to do scrapbooking for only grand child. I am 74 y/o and I was able to keep up with PSE 7. Can't say old dogs can't Learn new tricks. Thank you for the opportunity to win. So many of the new features I would love to try.

Linda on Aug 19, 2015:

Would love to win this have one 10 and love it!! Thanks for the chance ..

Anonymous on Aug 18, 2015:

Would love love this. I scrapbook in a club and I also take pictures for a sport club. This would be awesome

Elaine r Clemons on Aug 18, 2015:

Have new great grandson, woukd love to work w his pictures your program.

Tammy on Aug 18, 2015:

Would be nice to win this. I am doing senior photos, for free, of my son's fellow high school seniors who cannot afford the astronomical prices of the professional photos. I am hoping to have Photoshop to help me make the photos the best they can be. As a Stay-At-Home mom, I can't afford the program.

Anonymous on Aug 18, 2015:


Anonymous on Aug 18, 2015:

Would be nice to win.

Sharon on Aug 18, 2015:

What a fabulous oppurtunity,I am still on 9 :( thank you