Jun 10, 2016

9 Tips for Jumpstarting Your Morning and Improving Productivity

I've never been a morning person. Or rather, I've never been a waking up person. I've recently been trying to work my schedule forward because I've discovered firsthand how immensely more productive I can be when I take advantage of those early hours.   

Jack Archer of Airows recently post these great tips and I'm working on taking them to heart. One thing that his list implies which I never seriously considered until now is getting an actual alarm clock. Most guys I know use their phones as their morning wake-up device which naturally leads us to check out Facebook, email, Instagram, and/or Twitter before even getting out of bed. Not only does this inevitably waste time, but then my precious, recently-cleared headspace is immediately filled up with the impressions, thoughts, demands, and general noise of the people around me. 

I'll be purchasing a simple alarm clock this week and charging my phone outside of my bedroom just to see where that gets me. I'll keep you posted.

Check out the list with all its tips and get a move on your mornings.


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bruno on Jun 10, 2016:

I made a commitment this year to get up at (or before) 6am every work day, and trust me, I am not a morning person. for that matter, I'm not a very disciplined person, either. But I've found the routine incredibly helpful and grounding. Even (especially) on nights when I go to bed very late or don't get much sleep, the goal/challenge of waking up early gives me an easy way to start the day on a positive note. Even if I don't don't do anything else well that day, at least I can say I met my goal of getting up early. 

Here's a trick I think could help people who have trouble rising early: do it in increments. If you normally wake up at 8, then start setting an alarm for 7:45. It's only 15 minutes earlier! Anyone can do that. Then keep moving the time up in small increments. You'll be rising with the sun before you know it.