Create Your Own “Lightweight” DIY Sliding Barn Door from Scratch

created at: 07/21/2014

Coming across someone who simply loves their closet doors is a rare find, indeed. Whether a rental or your own home, most closets are covered in plastic-y faux wood, cheesy 80s mirrors, crazy slats, or old veneer and brass knobs that haven’t been updated since they were installed in the 50s. Mandi from Vintage Revivals came up with this clever solution – a ‘lightweight’ sliding barn door system. She built the door, built the track, installed the wheels, and came up with a vintage-flag style design to make the whole thing work. Check out the results:

Pretty sharp, right? The track is simple galvanized plumbing pipe from the home improvement store, and the door is a 1×2″ frame with stretched canvas. 

See how to create the whole thing at Vintage Revivals: How to Build a Lightweight Sliding Barn Door System