Apr 08, 2015

Impress Your Date and Make This Tasty Treat: Earl Grey Brulee

Earl Grey Brulee

Dessert is one our favorite parts of dinner, and this exceptional Brûlée recipe is the perfect end to a great meal.   One of the main reasons I work out on a (mostly) regular basis is so I can eat dessert. The sweet temptation is too much for me to resist, so I work extra hard to make sure when the time comes I'm all set to indulge. This Earl Grey Brûlée is capped with a caramelized sugar shell and gooey custard center, and the satisfying crunch is guaranteed to impress your dinner guests. Plus, you get to use a blow torch.

Earl Grey Brulee

The layered flavors of Earl Grey tea add a great layer of complexity, and overall the recipe is easy follow, decadent and it's definitely on the menu for our next Friday get-together. So grab a few ingredients you probably already have in the cupboards, and get ready to step up that dinner party.


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