How to: Determine Your Face Shape

created at: 04/08/2015

You know all those helpful menswear articles that say “this is the kind of beard you should wear if your face is shaped like ______,” or “if your face shape is ______, try these sunglasses.” And you say, “Great, that’s super helpful… except I have no idea which one of these is my actual face shape. Cause that one is my forehead, and that’s my chin, and that one’s my jaw line.”    

Well, somebody finally is offering a technique to help you determine your actual face shape, so you can apply all those helpful tips to look your best. Birchbox Man has a walkthrough that uses only a flexible measuring tape and mirror to figure out if you’re round, square, oval, diamond, and the like. 

Find out yours at Birchbox Man: How to Determine Your Face Shape