Spring Project: How to Make a Handsome Hammock Stand

Hammock StandOne of the best parts of a long summer weekend is snoozing in the hammock. This exceptional hammock stand is a great looking addition to the patio, and will definitely host plenty of lazy summer naps.   I’ve always loved to nap. Most of us agree that a well timed nap is one of the most refreshing weekend activities. When I was in college, we had a tattered old hammock that supported me through many restful study breaks, and that lazy rocking motion still brings back fond memories of a life before I had to grow up. This project from my indecisive life brings a bit of class to the backyard with a sturdy support that looks great and is bound to get a lot of use around my house this summer. Setting Up the Footing

The top support is key to this design, as well as a strong footing to give it a sturdy base.  Head over to their site for a complete walk through the process, and stay tuned for a project post once I find a place to throw one up at my place!Posts in the ground