Make Cold-Brewed Ice Tea in the Fridge

created at: 07/21/2010

When I was a kid, my parents always made iced tea in this vintage sun tea jar, complete with big 70s yellow poppies and a broken spigot. I never really realized what they were doing by sitting that thing on the back porch…besides making us chase extra fast to grab missed catches and tags during our neighborhood kickball game.

It’s a pretty clever idea, the sun tea…when its this hot outside, the last thing you want to do is boil a big kettle of water and cool it down for hours to make a cold drink. But know what’s even awesome-r, and quicker? Simply making great ice tea in your refrigerator overnight.

Jan at PoppyTalk offers this cool method: “It…creates a much smoother tea than making it the old-fashioned way, plus you can say goodbye to the stove – a nice bonus during the hot summer. I’ve tried this method with plain old orange pekoe tea and it’s delicious with a bit of fresh garden mint thrown on top or a squeeze of lemon… Try this fridge-brewed method with rooiboos, hibiscus or your favorite herbal or black tea and stay cool this summer.”

PoppyTalk: Cure for a Heat Wave: Fridge-Brewed Iced Tea