How to Be an IRONIC Ironic Hipster – Moustache Finger on a Stick

Stylized moustache? Hipster.

Stylized moustache tattoo on your finger? Ironic hipster.

So what’s the next step? Why removing yourself even one step more.

created at: 07/21/2010   

created at: 07/21/2010

Post-cultural anthropologist Mette says, “when my friend Michael put together a “Keep Portland Beard” art show at the Tribute Gallery, my curious side got the better of me and I decided to investigate. All the beardiest folk in Portland would be at the show, so I concocted the perfect get-up to blend in. I field tested this accoutrement at the show, which was a slice of Michael’s online journal of beard-related ephemera and reviews…..Aside from Michael’s exuberant acceptance of my masquerade, my faux ‘stache was met with hip indifference and a few furrowed brows. Maybe Portland isn’t the place to make a statement with a mustache-on-a-finger-on-a-stick, but I have a feeling this thing will really take off in Idaho.”

How to be an Ironic Hipster and Ironic at the same time. Diagrammed. Put a mustache on a finger. Just add a stick. The apex of cool at your fingertips. Go forth and be hip!

Bureau of Betterment: How to Be an Ironic Hipster and Ironic at the Same Time

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