Dapper Up Your Wrist with a Wooden Watch

The Garwood Angeleno

When I think of watches I think of crystal faces, stainless steel, and maybe just a bit of rugged rubber. But when it’s time to relax a bit, why not strap on something a bit more organic, like a wooden watch.   Here are a few exceptional watches that digress fully from the traditional metal construction and embrace a material every maker loves – wood.

Wooden Watch1. Angeleno by the Garwood – This open faced watch is simple in design, with a classic square face and linked band. Small details like the etched arrow add the custom touch that make it stand out yet blend right in.

kAPPA Nut Watch2. The Kappa Nut from WeWood – This watch also features a linked band, but has a multi-function movement for the date, and other features. Made from walnut, it will not only stand up to abuse, but smooth and soften with age.

Fossil Stella Burlwood

3. Stella Burlwood by Fossil – While this watch is not completely wood, the seamless integration of burlwood and copper make this one classy timepiece. It would be hard not to find excuses to check the time every few minutes, just for another glance at this beauty.

So the next time you are in the mood for a new watch, venture a bit from the traditional materials and pick a wooden piece and you’re just about guaranteed to leave an impression.