Cold Weather Relief: DIY Honey Ginger Throat Drops

Honey Ginger Throat DropsWith the weather hovering between frosty and frigid, it’s the perfect time to make these honey ginger throat drops for some cold weather relief.I don’t know about where you’re spending the winter, but the mornings at my place are downright frosty right now. With the dry, cold air, my throat is sensitive to the temperature swings, and so I’m dealing with a sore throat just about every morning. While there are plenty of sugar-laden sticky throat drops at the store, I thought it may be better to make a batch of my own. Here’s a great recipe for some delicious drops from Sarah McGill.

Cooling Honey Ginger Throat DropsThe recipe and process are pretty straightforward to follow, and it was a lot of fun to try something new – powdered sugar molds. The process is simply a thick layer of powdered sugar and depressions that hold the molten sugar-mix as it cools, once it’s hardened, the mold is just sifted away. It’s quite a bit like metal casting with casting sand, which is going to be a project coming along in the spring.

Anyway the process is fast, and the drops are fantastic as long as they stray dry and relatively cool. And with this weather, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Honey Ginger Throat DropsFind Sarah’s recipe at her website : Honey ginger throat drops