Your New Favorite Fall Cocktail: How to Make a Harvest Mule


A traditional Moscow Mule is a classic, reliable in every way and a good way to unwind. But with it's fresh lime juice and other trappings, it's perhaps most enjoyed outside on a summer evening.

In fall, it's a good idea to change things up by adding a few variations to the traditional recipe, creating a twist best enjoyed this time of year: the Harvest Mule.  It's supremely tasty, and is best enjoyed next to a roaring fire during the chilly fall weather.  Based in whiskey and mixed with cinnamon and cider, the Harvest Mule is easy, and worthwhile, to make.  



  • 1 oz of bourbon
  • 1 oz of cinnamon whiskey (we recommend Watkins select)
  • 4 ounces of dry hard apple cider
  • 3 ounces of apple juice, or apple cider if you have it
  • Garnish: apple wedges and cinnamon sticks


1. If you have one, start with the traditional copper mule mug. If not, a large coffee mug or even a water glass will work just fine. 


2. Since there is a lot of liquid, begin by building the drink in the glass before adding the ice. Pour in all the liquid ingredients: bourbon, cinnamon whiskey, hard cider, and apple juice. Stir to combine, then add ice to fill the vessel to the top.


3. Slice a few wedges of apple, and add them to the glass. Toss in a cinnamon stick or two for extra cheer. These can be reused.

4. Enjoy.

If you want to use mini bottles of liquor, such as when selecting a cinnamon whiskey, they will make two drinks.  The Harvest Mule only takes 5 minutes to make, and it really does taste quite nice sitting around a cozy fire. We think you'll agree.

Harvest Mule Cover