Aug 31, 2015

Make It: Simple and Stylish Leather Smartphone Flip Wallet

If you're more of a minimalist with your daily carry items, and prefer to keep everything in one front or jacket pocket, check out this leather smartphone flip wallet project from Attila from High on Glue. 

The project is built around a simple design with layered pockets, but throws in some serious style points by adding contrast stitching and dyed edges. The tutorial has lots of helpful step-by-step photos, so even if you're not an accomplished leather working, with the right tools, you could easily take this one on. 

Get the full how-to from High on Glue - Leatherwork Tutorial: How to make a leather iPhone Flip Wallet


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Andrew on Aug 31, 2015:

I love all the ideas and links for leather working and I have convinced my wife to take it up with me.
Any suggestions on types of tool kits to begin?