Watch Adam Savage Brilliantly Reconstruct Han Solo’s Iconic DL-44 Blaster

Han Solo Blaster

Watch Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame create exact replica models of some of your favorite historical icons and cinematic props with the Tested team. Let’s be clear, these aren’t replicas in the sense of things that look exactly like other things. Instead these are things painstakingly researched and reconstructed before your eyes out of original materials using original machining methods. 

In this video, Adam and Norm Chan take on one of the most iconic props of roguish swagger: Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster. Thanks to over two years of tireless efforts from members of the Replica Prop Forum, the requisite knowledge to embark on such a reconstruction (an unparalleled level of “esoterica and specificity”) is at last complete. It’s like watching a Bob Ross painting, except with machining and obscure history and Star Wars.   

View the video here