Maximizing the Bare Minimum: A Primer on Ultralight Backpacking

One of the single most direct ways to get outside more this summer, take more trips, and spend more time exploring: take less stuff. After all, the point of hiking, camping, and backpacking is to get away from material things in the first place. And whether you want to spend a few nights in the woods, or tackle a specific, well-loved thru-hiking route – you don’t need 75 lbs worth of stuff on your back (and your feet) to do it. 

Ultralight backpacking is a technique and a philosophy, but you don’t have to cut off toothbrush handles and drill holes in your gear only. It’s simply about using a selective set of safe and appropriate gear wisely, so you can go farther, faster, and get out more often. 

created at: 07/31/2014

The team at Gear Patrol have begun a great new series to help you get set up. This primer begins the series, and they’ve also suggested a list of essentials with specific recommendations.

Stay tuned. This should be a good one. FARTHER, FASTER: A PRIMER ON ULTRALIGHT BACKPACKING []