ManMade’s Submit A Project Series: Unicorn Swing Set

This post is part of our Submit a Project Series, where our MMDIYers and renovation experts (or amateurs) get the recognition they deserve. Have a project you’re particularly proud of? We at ManMadeDIY want to see it! Click HERE or use the ‘Submit Your Project’ button on our home page to share your latest creations or renovations with us.

For today we have a submission from Marinus V, who shared their unicorn swing with us.

“This unicorn swing I made in the last few weeks as an early Sinterklaas present for this little princess. It started when I saw a horse swing in a shop and thought I could elaborate on that idea.”

In order to make this project a reality, Marinus used wood that they had lying around. They purchased spray paint, glitter, and anything else to make the unicorn that they didn’t have on hand. The biggest investment for the project was the rope and iron rings used to hang the swing. Those were ordered directly from a company that makes swing sets. The project in total cost about 25 Euro (approximately $28 USD).

front view of unicorn swing
Submitted by Marinus V.
back view of unicorn swing
Submitted by Marinus V.

They were happy with the final product but didn’t truly count it as a successful project until “testing day” as Marinus did not have a test child on hand and only had it hanging on a pipe at their home before it was installed properly. “As you can judge from the pics it has since been tested and approved.”

child on unicorn swing
Submitted by Marinus V.