Get Fit: 5 Running Shoe Options under $100

5 running shoes under $100


It’s time to shake off the snow and head back outside. Whether you’re a seasoned runner, or someone looking to start adding some jogging to your fitness routine, proper footwear is essential to preventing injury. 

Running shoes are different than regular sneakers or gyms shoes, and will give you the appropriate support (or lack thereof) to help you focus on your technique. It’s important to note that the best running shoes are the ones that fit you, but here are five different types of shoes that are great to get started or to replace your current pair.

Check’em out:

Merrel Running shoes

1. Merrell Barefoot Running Shoes $89

This pair is actually a merge between a  street running and trail running shoe. It offers lots of comfort and protection for your feet without being heavy. If you love running through rugged trails or you love lightweight hiking in the summer, this pair is for you. 

Ninja split toe running shoes

2. ZEMgear Ninja Split Toe Shoes $59

Say what? Ninja? Cool. Even though you won’t be able to fly through a bamboo forest, these will help your technique.  The split toe seems kinda weird, but hey, if it works it works. They’re pretty subtle and not flashy – except for some reflective strips that will keep you safe at night.

Nike running shoes

3. Nike Running Shoes $70

 These are pretty standard running shoes, and you have probably seen them a lot in Pinterest. These Nike shoes are the “one fits all”, meaning, they’re comfy, they look good, and they offer great support, and they aren’t crazy expensive. An extra added perk: you can wear them with your normal clothes for an overall sporty look. 

New balance shoes

4. New Balance Running Shoes $69

Unfortunately, these are much for looks, but this pair is probably the one that offers the most support – perfect if you suffer from shin splints, calf issues, or flat feet. You may look like a dad, but they’ll keep you safe. 

running shoes

5. Five Fingers Bikila $59

These guys have their fans, for sure. There have been many studies suggesting our traditional footwear is not the best for our posture, hence these alien 5 finger shoes that aim to make you walk/run as natural as possible.

So how often do you change your running shoes? If you have any favourites you want to recommend, let us know!