13 Stylish Essentials for Cycle Commuters

When you ride your bike in the summer, deciding what to wear is a no-brainer: as little as you can, to keep as cool as possible. But fall and winter cycling are a different beast all together. Of course, the temperatures are cooler, which requires flexible layers, but there’s also increased wind and precipitation to worry about. With that in mind, GQ has collected 15 style pieces for commuter cycling, which work during the season whether your biking to work, or just to the coffee shop. Their picks include stretch-y, reinforced slim cut jeans, wind and water resistant jackets, the right shirts, and even a sport coat or two. As they say, “From breathable buttondowns to weatherproof parkas, here’s how to bike to work without looking like you’re training for the Tour de France.”

Many of the pieces, such as the Rapha sport coat above, include important paneled construction, which allows you to stretch your arms and shoulders into cycling position without your clothing totally riding up your arms. 

Check out the full list at GQ: 13 Stylish Essentials for Cycle Commuters