Stunning Painted Body Art Illusions by Hiraku Cho

Artist and illustrator Hiraku Cho experiments with acrylic paint and the human body, giving flesh the illusion of interacting with buttons, zippers, on/off switches, and even other human forms.    

Laura from If It’s Hip, It’s Here reports, ” Admitted to Musashino Art University, Department of Visual Communication Design in 2012, these images reflect the theme of Unusual Art, in which she was assigned to design images with body paint depicting the following subjects: clothing, eyes, realistic body parts, illustration, three-dimensions, and video.”

I appreciate how these appear simultaneously completely realistic and yet obviously handmade. It’s much more interesting than using a photo-realistic approach, or even printed graphics applied flesh.  

Check out the full collection at If It’s Hip, It’s Here: 25 Body Art Illusions Done With Acrylic Paint By Hiraku Cho