DIY Inspiration: Moss Graffiti by Anna Garforth

Moss Graffiti by Anna Garforth

Yes! A green, no-vandalism version of graffiti! Aside from being awesome graphic art, this be your next DIY challenge.    

Anna Garforth is one of my favorite multidisciplinary UK artists, her work seeks to bring nature into our concrete jungles, sometimes in the shape of faceted animals, sometimes as moss graffiti. It’s clever, bold, and modern. What’s not to like?

I’m in love with her latest graffiti series; it swaps the toxic and permanent elements involved in street art for green for moss! It brings in an element of intentional design while helping to restore some of the lost nature in modern urban landscapes.

Now, could you bring this idea home? Absolutely! You could create your very own graffiti or you could use one single letter leaning on the wall, that way you won’t run into any issues with humidity seeping in. 

Another alternative? chi-chi-chi-chia! Yup, a chia pet but in an artful way. Why not making a clay shape of your liking and then covering it in chia seeds? A faceted crystal perhaps? Or a simple minimal cube?

Moss Graffiti by Anna Garforth

See? You can find inspiration almost anywhere!

Make sure you pop by Anna’s site to see all of her stellar work.

All images: Anna Garforth