Roundup: 7 Manly Modern Accents for Your Home


To step up a room in your home and apartment, sometimes all you need is a single accent piece or focal point to set it off…no major makeovers required. 

1. Metal-Wrapped Wood Tray: Industrial and masculine, you can’t go wrong with that. Get this tray to carry around snacks from room to room or simply put it on your coffee table to create an extra layer of decor.

Triangle Cutting Board

2. Triangle Cutting BoardLooking stylish while prepping a mighty dinner? You bet! This triangle cutting board is perfect to add a rustic and modern edge to your kitchen. You can also use it to serve cheese or other finger food – it will definitely be a crowd pleaser.

MID Century MODERN DAYBED Style Sofa with Arms

3. Mid Century Modern Daybed Sofa: Mid century, do we need to say more? And yes, even though this is a pricey piece of furniture ($1,150….hmm..) it’s a good investment that will add tons of character to your living room. Mind you, you can definitely find similar sofas on Craigslist and even Ikea, but you have to be quick to get them ’cause these things are in demand.


4. Speckled Black Planters: If you’re afraid of adding some greenery because it would look like your granny’s home, don’t worry, these black planters will allow you to have a green thumb without compromising your home’s virility. The speckles make it look like concrete, so there, without even knowing it, you have added a touch of modern.

Canvas Vintage Style School Science Chart

5. Canvas Style Science Chart: If you are not into putting art on your walls (perhaps because you haven’t found something that fits your space), what about using something more quirky instead? Like this awesome science chart. It looks cool and it can keep your guests entertained. Win / win!

GroVert Chalkboard Wall Planter

6. GroVert Chalkboard Wall Planter: If you’re a total foodie, then this wall planter will make your dreams of always having fresh herbs at hand come true. Since it’s black it already looks super masculine and it will fit almost any space. Impress your neighbours with this living wall of goodness!


7. Antique bulbs: Having some of these bulbs at home will bring back vibes from the 1800s, minus the haunted spirits. These vintage lightbulbs are quite popular right now – they add less harsh than the regular ones and they look awesome. If you already have some lamps at home check if you can replace your current bulbs from some of these, at only $10 each? That’s not a bad upgrade!

Remember that a home always feels cozier when you add little details like the ones mentioned above. If you are overwhelmed, just take baby steps and add a few items at a time.

Have fun!